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The Minimal Scientist

Katie Tinker

Katie Tinker is the brains behind The Minimal Scientist, a blog focusing on environmental topics.

She also writes short stories on a wide variety of themes and topics. She dabbles in poetry, Pitman’s shorthand, photography and watercolour

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About Katie

Katie finished her masters in Environmental Science and Management in 2017.
During her masters she realised that many people were unaware of what goes on in the world beyond their front door especially where the environment was concerned.
So, she started The Minimal Scientist, an education blog where she talks about everything environment and geography.


The primary route is through hand-drawn/painted wreaths which contain a short sentence to summarise a recent piece of scientific research.
In combination with the wreath, she writes an article to explain the paper in more depth.
Everything is done in a minimalist way to keep the content simple and help the reader understand more.

Peppermint is the mascot of The Minimal Scientist and helps Katie in her education efforts.
He is a candy cane striped zebra who also explores the world with Katie. 


Commission Information

Writing Commissions

I am available to write blog posts, short stories, scientific book reviews (environment and geography topics) and scientific paper reviews (environment and geography topics).

Pricing: £5 per 500 words.


1-2 weeks for blog posts and short stories, 1 month for reviews dependent on size.

For book and paper reviews, please provide the book/paper for review.

Commission Form

Let me know what you are looking for and ill get back to you!

Thanks for your interest!

Social Media

Ways to stay up to date and contact me!

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