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Established in 2020

Crystal jewellery designer and maker.

Traditional and digital artist. 

Commissions available. 



TheWitchyPanda was established in 2020 during lockdown. In a bid to find a way to kill time I began to make jewellery with crystals and solder. Whilst I work mostly with crystals to make necklaces and earrings, I have also used wire and solder to make Rune pendants. I eventually ventured out into wire wrapping as well and mostly do the Tree of Life design or basic wrapping. However, I don’t shy away from challenges and I have made different custom wraps as well.



Outside of jewellery I also picked up another hobby in drawing. I enjoyed traditional but I’ve absolutely fallen in love with digital art and continue to create and progress with it. Currently I don’t sell any prints of my art, but I do take commissions. I’ve had more experience in people and pet portraits but again I’m happy to try anything! I have a vast range of interests but I have a great love for fantasy, animals, witchy and dark art.